FEBRUARY 2nd – FEBRUARY 5th, 2020

A virtual summit with over 70 international topspeakers

HRprofessional, HR decisions maker, member of PMC …….
this is an offer for you.

70 of the planet ’s most compelling thought leaders, specialists, and gifted individuals who live and breathe Leadership and who embody this paradigm shift towards a brand new leadership model.

This exclusive online event is split up into three tracks:
• Find your voice as a leader
• Make your mark as a leader
• Drive innovation & change

 More to know about this summit – Get to know who the speakers – Be curious : https://the-oxygen4leadership-summit.heysummit.com

We are proud to announce that a PMC-membership gives you exclusive advantages.

You can GET a permanent FREE PASS for our selection of FREE sessions for 48 hours, or buy one-year VIP access for the tracks of your choice. (also after the early bird period)

LEARN MORE & JOIN …. follow this link.

Enjoy & learn!

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