WorldLink, this time focusing on people management in North America.
  • Henry “Hank” Jackson, president of the North American Human Resource Management Association and president and CEO of SHRM. He discusses some of the changes in our world that are reshaping our ever-evolving workplace.
  • Article that shares what types of disruptions three CEOs are experiencing and how HR leaders can help.
  • Lilia Escamilla, senior director of PepsiCo Latin America, explains how PepsiCo Mexico Foods has successfully launched a robust and diverse learning platform. PepsiCo University—with more than 19,000 virtual courses—trains a variety of employees wherever they are located.
  • Jose Antonio Cárdenas Marroquín, Ph.D., explains the “Mexican Way” of generating ideas in the workplace. He explains that the strongest and most genuine expression of Mexicans’ natural creativity surfaces during group dynamics.
  • Recruiters are starting to use messaging apps to find and retain talent. “the power of chat-based messaging” to offer potential job candidates interaction with staff through several events.
this issue of WorldLink, which is available on the WFPMA web site (
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